Using Video Marketing Strategies To Gain High Rankings For Your Video

So I recently created a promo video for HD Foundations, a foundation repair contractor in Arlington, Texas. I created the promo video using Windows Movie Maker. The video was a combination of job site  images as well as some live video from a recent foundation repair project the company just completed. I came up with a “story line” so that the promo video would make sense and then started to create each slide in the video. The image slides were not too difficult except for the limited amount of space available for text in the fly-in banners. I was able to easily slice the live video into several segments to give the video a more lively feel. I think adding in the video segments kept the video from being just a boring video slide show.

During the marketing of this video I found that leveraging the YouTube channel was best due to the amount of users and how Google has a natural bias towards YouTube videos within their search results. The most significant marketing tactic was to get users to interact by commenting on the video. Once the video started to get user comments I saw better visibility in the Google search results for the targeted term.

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