SkyStats – An All-In-One Analytics Dashboard For WordPress

SkyStats is a comprehensive all-in-one marketing plugin that creates a new WordPress dashboard. With SkyStats, you can fully customize your dashboard with all the marketing analytics you need for your business. From web analytics to social media, SkyStats puts all your favorite applications at your fingertips, making it a highly versatile business intelligence dashboard that you can use to manage and grow your brand’s presence online.

Google Analytics

The Google analytics dashboard will revolutionize the way you use WordPress, providing you with vital insights into your site’s interactivity. From the average length of time visitors spend on your site to the number of visitors referred by search engines, SkyStats can help you gain a new perspective on your customer base. By identifying the features and pages that draw the most visitors, you can analyze what works best and leave behind the rest.

Facebook Insights

SkyStats allows for total Facebook Insights integration, giving you an edge over the competition with a Facebook analytics dashboard. With up-to-date reports of total page likes, reach, visits and engagement, SkyStats makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness of your Facebook campaign through your WordPress website. Facebook Insights is a powerful analytics feature that lives up to its name. With detailed analytics of which posts receive the most attention and interaction, you can optimize your Facebook campaigns and spend fewer advertising dollars promoting posts that aren’t ideal for your audience.

Twitter Analytics

The Twitter analytics dashboard offers in-depth insights into your Twitter campaign. Like the Facebook analytics dashboard, the Twitter dashboard gives you an overview of how many interactions and shares your content receives. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with one of the largest user bases, so the ability to operate a separate Twitter dashboard through your WordPress site is invaluable to any social media marketing campaign.

Other Features

In addition to detailed analytics dashboards for search and social media, SkyStats also offers performance tracking to directly monitor the progress of your online marketing efforts. This key feature makes it possible to take the guesswork out of the marketing process and empowers you to eliminate wasteful spending on ineffective campaigns. With white label branding, you can even offer SkyStats to your customers with your brand name and logo in place.


In addition to a plethora of existing platform integrations, SkyStats is developing integrations with Google+, Youtube, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, PayPal, Aweber and Campaign Monitor. Integration across so many different platforms is part of what makes SkyStats such a unique all-in-one marketing dashboard. Having all your analytics and social media data available not only simplifies the process of managing an online marketing campaign but helps keep things organized and secure. You can choose exactly who is able to access your SkyStats data with various user roles and permissions.

SkyStats is one of the most comprehensive marketing plugins for business on the market. With dashboards for Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter and many more to come, this plugin makes it easy to integrate social media and analytics into your WordPress site. Highly accurate and detailed analytics reports put the power of insight back in your hands. Download the free WordPress plugin at

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