How To Promote Your Quora Blog With Quora Credits

With the recent release of the Quora blog platform you now have the ability to promote your blog or individual posts to site users through the use of Quora credits. Every new account receives 500 credits to start with.  You can earn more credits by adding interesting content and having users interact with it in various ways (learn more).

Ok so you want to promote your blog or post. Who sees it? If you choose to promote your blog, then your promotion will be seen by the followers of “Topics” that you initially set up for your blog as well as your personal followers. If you choose to promote an individual post, then the followers of “Topics” that you assigned to the post as well as your personal followers will be targeted. The promoted blog or post will show up in the user’s news feed with a special icon denoted that it is a promoted item.

For my particular blog it looks like I have a rate of 5 credits per person. So in order for me to promote an individual post to 100 people it would cost me 500 credits. The nice thing is that Quora provides real time stats on how many peopled viewed the promoted item.

So here are some quick stats on one of my personal blog posts that I syndicated and promoted through my Quora blog.

  • 146,435 total members  targeted
  • 151 views (.1% Engagement)
  • 3 up votes
  • 29 visit to my personal site (19% CTR)

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